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Things To Do in Cocoa Beach Florida

a body of water next to the ocean

If you are planning your next vacation here in Florida, make it a priority to visit Cocoa Beach, one of the best places to spend your time during your days off.  With an extremely wide variety of indoors and outdoors activities as well as many places to tour and restaurants to visit, your time here will be very well spent. From Escape Cocoa Beach to the Ron Jon Surf Shop and everywhere in between, this area is packed with exciting attractions. So here are just a few of the many things you will find here in Cocoa Beach.

If you’re going to visit Cocoa beach, then you have to visit the Cocoa Beach Pier. Our beaches are not only beautiful, but they are fantastic for surfers and anyone else who enjoys boating or swimming. Florida’s east coast is one of the best places to go for surfing when the tides are right. The seashores extend for miles across the coast so there is definitely no shortage of beach for anyone. With the world’s biggest surf shop nearby, you can stock up on all you need to spend your day having fun at the beach. What if you’d like to surf, but you just don’t know how? The Ron Jon Surf School is the place you need to visit. With stellar instructors and TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence, this is one place that you don’t want to pass up. If you like being on the water as opposed to being in the water, try boating. There are many places to rent jet skis and boats for those who like to relax out in the sea or enjoy a little bit of fishing every now and then. Other more affordable but still fun alternatives include kayaking with Fin Expeditions Kayak Tours and snorkeling. In the sunny summer climates, Escape Cocoa Beach is the place to cool off and have fun!

If you really like museums and art galleries then look no further, we have those as well. The Trent Art Gallery, Rick Piper’s Big Art Studios, and the Carolyn Seiler Studios are some well-known art galleries among the local population. Visiting these places is highly recommended if you’re eager to gain a much more profound appreciation for the rich and extensive culture here at Cocoa Beach. Speaking of great places to visit, our local restaurants are places you won’t want to miss. With your choices of seafood to grill and more, our restaurants have a fantastic reputation and outstanding reviews for quality service and food that you’ll want to keep trying again and again. Some the absolute best places to grab lunch according to reviewers are Florida’s Fresh Grill, Beachside Grill & Deli, Pita Paradise and Fat Kahuna’s Beach Side Grille. The amount of things you can do in Cocoa Beach is definitely something to talk about.

Just in case you didn’t already know, some of Florida’s cleanest, all natural landmarks are found here at Cocoa Beach. Make sure to enjoy the beaches, cycling, oceanfront views and nature retreats. Additionally, our resorts will allow you to enjoy the beautiful views from the comfort of quality of a high caliber resort. Take advantage of the lushful and all natural green locale to schedule a hiking trip with family and friends. There are many places to go to if you’re interested in camping, fishing or just spending time in the outdoors observing the wildlife; even birdwatching if you’re into that sort of thing.

Still looking for fun things to do in Cocoa Beach with the friends and family? If you haven’t already, then visiting the escape room entertainment events are a must for anyone looking to have fun with a group of friends. Escape rooms such as Escape Cocoa Beach are challenging adventure games that rely on puzzle solving skills, teamwork, and strategy in order to solve. This thrilling experience is one that is available for people of all ages. If you enjoy a fun challenge that lets you collaborate with others to complete than Escape Cocoa beach is definitely the best place for you. If you want to find out more or you’re already interested in booking your next event, then be sure to visit in order to get started right away!